Naturopathic Consultations

Initial Consultation60 Minutes$240
Follow-up Consultation30 Minutes$120
B12 Injection (1000mcg Methylcobalamin)*5 Minutes$35
Vitamin D Injection (50 000IU Vitamin D3)5 Minutes$40


Initial Consultation + Treatment70 Minutes$130
Follow-up Treatment60 Minutes$110
Follow-up Treatment + Tuina/Cupping/Guasha60 Minutes$125


Initial Consultation + Osteopathic Treatment60 Minutes$160 + HST
Follow-up Treatment45 Minutes$120 + HST
Follow-up Treatment30 Minutes$80 + HST

Holistic Nutrition

Initial Nutrition Consultation60 Minutes$120 + HST
Initial Nutrition Consultation with Meal Plan60 Minutes$150 + HST
Follow-up Nutrition Consultation30 Minutes$60 + HST
Basic Nutrition Program
(3 consultations)
1 x 45 Min
2 x 30 Min
$220 + HST
Meal Plan Consultation*30 Minutes$100 + HST

*Meal Plan Consultations are for individuals who have already been recommended a specific diet from a medical professional such as their family doctors, naturopathic doctors, endocrinologists etc. Ex. Anti-inflammatory diet, Paleo Diet, Keto Diet, Low Oxalate Diet, FODMAP Diet.

Registered Massage Therapy

Initial Consultation + Treatment70 Minutes$115 + HST
Therapeutic Massage60 Minutes$110 + HST
Therapeutic Massage + Acupuncture or Cupping60 Minutes$110 + HST

Private Yoga or Pilates Sessions

60 Minutes Private 1 on 1 session$120 + HST
30 Minutes Private 1 on 1 session$60 + HST

*A detailed receipt will be provided for extended benefits/insurance claims including consultations with intern.

*Naturopathic Consultation and Acupuncture Session are HST Exempt.

*Private Yoga Lessons are offered by Devon Honywill on-site at the clinic.

*B12 and Vitamin D injections are for current clinic patients or for patients who have a prescription from another regulated health professional.

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