Naturopathic Consultations

Initial Consultation60 Minutes$220
Follow-up Consultation30 Minutes$110
NEW: Initial Consultation with New Graduate*60 Minutes$160
NEW: Follow-up Consultation with New Graduate*30 Minutes$80
B12 Injection (1000mcg Methylcobalamin)*5 Minutes$35
Vitamin D Injection (50 000IU Vitamin D3)5 Minutes$40

*The Ottawa Naturopathic Clinic will be hosting a new graduate as of May 2022. The intern will have recently graduated from CCNM and has been trained by Dr. Tanya. Dr. Tanya will be supervising the graduate until they pass their license exams.


Initial Consultation + Treatment90 Minutes$140
Follow-up Treatment60 Minutes$100
Follow-up Treatment + Tuina/Cupping/Guasha60 Minutes$115


Initial Consultation + Osteopathic Treatment60 Minutes$140 + HST
Follow-up Treatment30 Minutes$75 + HST
Follow-up Treatment45 Minutes$112 + HST

Holistic Nutrition

Initial Nutrition Consultation60 Minutes$120 + HST
Initial Nutrition Consultation with Meal Plan60 Minutes$150 + HST
Follow-up Nutrition Consultation30 Minutes$60 + HST
Basic Nutrition Program
(3 consultations)
1 x 45 Min
2 x 30 Min
$220 + HST
Meal Plan Consultation*30 Minutes$100 + HST

*Meal Plan Consultations are for individuals who have already been recommended a specific diet from a medical professional such as their family doctors, naturopathic doctors, endocrinologists etc. Ex. Anti-inflammatory diet, Paleo Diet, Keto Diet, Low Oxalate Diet, FODMAP Diet.

Registered Massage Therapy

Initial Consultation + Treatment70 Minutes$115 + HST
Therapeutic Massage60 Minutes$100 + HST
Therapeutic Massage + Acupuncture or Cupping60 Minutes$100 + HST

Private Yoga or Pilates Sessions

60 Minutes Private 1 on 1 session$120 + HST
30 Minutes Private 1 on 1 session$60 + HST

*A detailed receipt will be provided for extended benefits/insurance claims including consultations with intern.

*Naturopathic Consultation and Acupuncture Session are HST Exempt.

*Private Yoga Lessons are offered by Devon Honywill on-site at the clinic.

*B12 and Vitamin D injections are for current clinic patients or for patients who have a prescription from another regulated health professional.

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